Mark Knopfler

No, this is not Mark Knopfler writing my blog post this week ... that would be nice! But I did go to see him in concert this week, down in Boston with 'im indoors and a couple of friends. He was FANTASTICO! Played from his new album, and some of the old fav's. Sultans of Swing took me right back to the year I was a beach photographer in Scarborough ... hey, that's a whole other story. Ask me in the bar sometime ...

Funny how being out after 2am can suddenly knacker you for the whole week. Must be getting old. Took me 2 days to recover AND I slept in the car on the way home. Heavens.

Did I tell you last weekend I was doing a life drawing class? No? Well I did, what a blast. Haven't drawn a nude model since ... (counting fingers and toes here) ... 1984 maybe? It CAN'T be that long. Maybe it can. Anyway it was great, and we were whipping off 30 second sketches like mad, bad dervishes. Back for another session this Saturday. It has given me the taste for live drawing again. Too much I work from references. Maybe I will scan a couple of drawings next week ... there is nothing to hide behind in live model drawing for sure.

In between gadding off to Boston and having fun at the art class, I have been working on the owl book and getting ready for the New England SCBWI conference in Fitchburg, MA next weekend. (For those of you who don't know that's a lot of writers and illustrators getting together for drinks and chat. NO NO I mean lectures and knowledge!) So decided I had better look into what I needed to do to prepare, and realised QUITE A LOT, including picture book pages to take the Illustrator's Academy, and do a poster for the showcase ... and GLAD I DID, because I had totally misread what I had to do. So that's what I have been up to mainly. I'll post the poster image here next week ... don't want to give away all my secrets, right?  ;-)

And guess what, I still haven't started 'Share the Bear', so I have to disappoint a lot of agents again this week and not be in their slush pile. C'est la vie.

I have been thinking this week about persistence. It is hard to keep going, submitting, working on roughs, being inspired when even the most successful authors and illustrators out there are saying how hard it is to get published at the moment. And when you are just beginning you give big, anxious gulps at the time, effort and expense you are putting in to trying to get a foot hold. And then you watch the news and the doom and gloom of the economy and the political climate blah blah blah - it does nothing to make you feel better.

Maybe it is as well not to watch tv, read blogs, go on facebook etc etc. Just exist in your cocoon and ride it out? But we all need contact ... and that is why I am putting funds into attending conferences right now ... I need that positive input.Well I don't mean to drip all over you ... it is really nice to receive encouragement and support via comments and emails and that keeps me going too. I do feel at the bottom of the pile sometimes ... but I know I am in great company!

Just realised I am devoid of photos and pictures on the blog this week! ... so here is a picture of my blind Cockapoo, Sprout ...

Ah snow ... it is now a distant memory ...

Toodle Pip!
aka The Wack Brit.

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