Always good to get away and see some new things, talk to some new folks and eat too much :-)). Me and 'im indoors scooted off to Quebec (about 4.5 hour drive from here in Maine) and had a relaxing time doing nothing much and being tourists. First time we have been to Quebec in the Spring and it was beautiful ... so I am not going to bore you with holiday chit chat and instead show you some of my fav photos and some sketches to do the talking. You can see more on my Facebook page (see bottom link.)

They're are plenty more and I will be putting a Kodak Gallery link up next week. (No, don't groan!!)

I was disappointed to learn that the 'North' children's illustration exhibition in Boston did not receive enough entries ... so guess my Inuit girl and sled (see post before last) will just have to be a sample in my portfolio.

I did however enter the Portland Art Museum Biennial exhibition when I got home, (see how that goes!) and applied for a grant (the first time I ever have) from the Maines Art Commission. Funny - I really still don't think I am an artist. Maybe when I see it on my head stone right??

Apart from that, been trying to get a handle on work (how hard it is when you have lounged around for  several days!) ... so Friday has merged into Sunday on the blog is LATE.

And now got to get back to getting the garden under control. How does everything grow so much in 5 days??? I can't see the grill for grass, so not sure if 'im indoors will be getting a Memorial Day cookout. Hey, we could use a diet.

Toodlepip from The Wacky Brit a la Quebec.


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