Crate Day!

You know it just takes something small to make you realize that people in this world do care. This morning I went along to a great local event called CRATE DAY. It's held annually on the property of Larry Ross in Canaan, Maine out in the Boonies. He owns the crate that the 'Spirit of St Louis' was shipped in, and he's turned it into a small and cosy museum dedicated to Charles Lindbergh.

Every year he opens his gates to the local schools and children come by the bus load. The backwoods road is jammed with cars. As well as the museum, there are fly-bys and fly-ins of aircraft, some from as far away as Washington, often military aircraft, helicopters, today a couple of F15's flew over as well as WW2 aircraft and commercial planes.

Local craft people, emergency services and enthusiasts put up displays and engage with the kids. There are fun activities (some downright dangerous!) for them to do, but all organized and causing peels of laughter.

There is no advertising, nothing for sale. No entrance fee. Just fun and remembrance and knowledge gained.

And overall a feeling that despite the wars and the economy and guns and drugs, the world is not a bad place and that there is hope for mankind if only we can keep hold of the SPIRIT of humanity.

So thanks to Larry Ross, the sun shone on you and Crate Day this morning.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing ...

The Wacky Brit