Google+ and all that

Just when I was already busy enough Google goes and launches a new social network. Darn.I musn't, I thought, I'm too busy. But I couldn't resist it and had to have a look. And those circles, they draw you in. Well, I have to say I am liking google+. Not sure if it is just because people on there seem willing to interact at present. Like kids in a candy store.

I 'hungout' with the vido chat facility and it seems pretty good. Nice to see some old friends and meet new ones. It's not that this is really new, as we have had Skype for ages, and I used a app called OOVOO the other week. I guess it is just that people seem to want to try things out.

Facebook, which I have been active on for about a year and a half now, has, (as you will know if your a member) been steadily changing so many things that now very often people don't see posts any more, due to the way the newsfeed  shows. Sometimes it feels as if you are just posting to yourself. I do have a fanpage, where I post my latest illustrations and stuff, and that too gets less hits than formerly.

Probably this is the downfall of all these sites, in the end traffic becomes just too high and it has to be restricted. Still I continue to post and comment. It's good to catch up with other illustrators and writers, and also people who enjoy your work. So thanks if you are a member of my pages, or have put me in a circle.

Also of course having to restrict 'TIME SPENT' on these sites!

Find me on Google+ simply under Hazel Mitchell.

Meanwhile I have been working on my portfolio for the Los Angeles SCBWI summer conference in August. With 2 chapter books to illustrate before the end of August I am on a big time crunch, so last week I decided to blitz the portfolio and get it finished up. I am keeping it to one theme - flying - and hopefully in a coherent style (my biggest issue!) I've had some late nights and early mornings this week!

So I will leave you with some of the images created ... and then I have to pack because me and hubby are off to the seaside here in Maine for a couple of days. Well earned I might add.