The Call of the Sea

Saturday was beautiful. We had a deck roof to put on, grass to cut, a huge to do list. Blue sky, light breeze, no humidity. Perfect weather for projects!

"Let's go to the sea!" I said. So we did.

Much better than slaving away hammering and staining. We had all day Sunday to do that (which we did).

Playing hookie we scooted Down East to Schoodic Point, a beautiful, wild nature reserve about 1.5hrs drive. The backdrop view from this finger of Maine granite is Acadia National Park. The colours were breath taking. Bright cadmium reds in berrys and hips and haws thrown against viridian green leaves and the ultramarine and prussian of the sea. Surf bubbled and foamed throwing up spits of azure creaminess against grey granite and sparkling malachite rocks. Superb.

Sometimes you just have to obey your desires and GO.

All this beauty was, ofcourse, followed by a cracking fish and chip lunch. OK, not quite up to Yorkshire standards (what is?) but good enough.

This 'call of the sea' seems to be a pervading theme in y life this week. A sketch here from my sketch blog ...

The biggest 'call of the sea' is that we've made the decision (been coming on a long time) to begin the search for a place to live nearer the Maine coast. My hubby works in Belfast, Maine and has a daily commute of about 45mins one way over some beautiful, but very hilly, roads. In winter it can be treacherous and means over 2 hours or more travelling. We have lived in our current house (which we built ourselves) for seven years. It's longer than we imagined we'd stay here. Do I have the seven year itch? Undoubtedly. The 'Call' is strong.

Before I moved to America (2000) I always lived by the sea. I grew up in Scarborough, England, a beautiful fishing town. Then spent 6 years in the Royal Navy and 10 years after that in Portsmouth, England. Coming to America (first to SC) I felt extremely land locked. Although we are only 45 minutes drive from the sea right now ... it's just not the same. Heavens above, if I ever had to live in the Mid West!

That's what's on my mind a lot right now. This move. I am not looking forward to it. The disruption of work and routine. I will be sad to leave our little house, just when we have finished it - it took a while . But the restlessness I am feeling won't be satisfied and gets worse with each passing season, birthday and new year. Better to get the pain over with.! So ... realtors are alerted, their nostrils flared and twitching. Meantime, if you know anyone who would like to buy a sweet logsided house in a country area of Maine, send 'em along.

 In between these thoughts of change of location and crashing waves, I would like to report that I have been HUGELY industrious, sent out dummies left, right and center and been sketching and writing like a demon. Unfortunately I would LIKE to report it, but it is not so. Since I finished the last set of chapter book illustrations and gave myself a bit of downtime it's been hard to get into a new routine. I have hopes that this week will be better and that new energy will come in. Finishing a project can be a huge anticlimax, and then ... wading through mud. So better not to force it I think. Let's see what I have to report in the next bloggy post.

Dogs need food, gotta go!

Toodles until next time

On the bedside table:
Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin and James Dean
Skippyjon Jones Class Action - Judy Schachner
Several copies of The Horn Book