Messy Martha

In the last month I've been working on an educational project for They produce printable PDF's  for teachers around the world to use in their classrooms, which is a neat idea.

So sharing a skirmish of sketches from the project with you here ...

This was a fast turn around project, the kind of thing that keeps body and soul together whilst we work on our BIG and NOT YET COMMISSIONED books and I am very thankful to get work like this. And it's fun!

The images are inked with dipping pen and then coloured in photoshop.

Can you believe it is nearly 2012? I can't. This year has gone quickly ... and yet seems like an age since last January when I was preparing for the winter conference in NY with the SCBWI. I will not be going this year ... which is sad (I long to see all my buddies), but there are other conferences and workshops I want to do. And $$ are not bottomless.

Next post will be a retrospective look at the past year. Heck, you can't miss that! So join the blog, already!

Oh, I have a lot of postcards left from 2012 ... if you would like a bunch, send me a message at


On the bedside table:

Skellig - David Almond
The Flint Heart - Katherine Paterson, John Paterson, John Rocco
Tom's Tweet - Jill Esbaum and Dan Santat
Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly - Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse - Eric Carle