Black and White Sketches

I admit that the last few weeks since Christmas I have been feeling a bit jaded. Not sure if it was the holidays, the weather or just non-stop work. Maybe all three. All I know is that the urge to pick up a pencil/pen/brush can disappear and the batteries need to naturally recharge. After a bit the 'itch' starts and you can feel your finger tips twitch and ideas starting to trickle through, (just when you thought you would never have another).

What came out was black and white drawings. This tall, tall house first, (initially I thought I'd sketch a couple of kids watching the snow through  window). I use pencil and add shading in photoshop. When I'm doing something like this I try to stop thinking and enjoy the process. When left to it's own devices my brain likes to do lots of detail and squiggles and such.


I was having so much fun I went on to draw some characters, keeping them pretty loose and free. 
These will be good to send to the SCBWI bulletin.

It was fun to draw some older characters for a change.

This little girl is loosely based on a friend's grandaughter who is always full of jumping beans!

When I wasn't drawing I have been working on the marketing for 'Hidden New Jersey'. I emailed press releases to a gazillion newspapers/radio/tv contacts in NJ, as well as to my local contacts. Hoping to have a little launch at my local book store in Feb/March. And next week starts a blog tour, so I'll be posting those links ... some of the bloggers are doing giveaways too, so stay tuned!

Also excited to have been accepted into the Highlight's Foundation Workshop for Advanced Illustrators in PA. That's not until September though, so aways to go yet.

Big news of the week was the ALA awards. My favorite winner was Ashley Bryan getting the Corretta Scott King Lifetime Achievement Award. Choked me up a bit. I watched the webcast for the first time, and that was fun. Makes you feel connected in your far flung corner of the world.

That's the news from my neck of the woods.


On the Bedside Table:
The Art Spirit (Robert Henri) - I was in search of mine ;-)