Solstice and Stores

Sounds like I'm going to say something profound about our capitalist society? No. You will have to go to an intelligent blog for THAT sort of thing.

Here's the Solstice bit:

My critters lazing in the last of the day's sun.

And here's the store bit:

Visiting Hanover B&N last week, found 'Autistic Kid' on the shelf. Always nice!

This week I find myself with FREE TIME. As in no projects on my board with deadlines - been a long time. I've thrown off the darn flu too. Time to pull out the dummies! First, some research into where to submit the math concept books. (Remember them?) Seems a truly long time since I did anything with them. They went out to a couple of publishers this year, but no bites ... that was single submissions. Now's the time to look at publishers interested in this subject and do a targeted submission, just a few at a time. Amazon is always handy for narrowing down subjects with their nifty search facility. And I use the CWIM handbook.

That will keep me out of mischief over Christmas. 

Hope you have a peaceful season wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Me, I'm staying right here at home with 'im indoors, by the fire, with books and movies and season's eatings.

OH! If you haven't seen HUGO already what the heck are you waiting for? GO!!!!!!


Ont he bookshelf"
The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brain Selznick
The Elements of Style - Strunk and White
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Judi and Ron Barrett
Olivia Saves the Circus - Ian Falconer