New Year's Round up or - 'Wot happened to me in 2011'

Here it is. 2011's retrospective. 
It was a busy year full of work, friends and new things to think about. 
Overall a good one. It had it's ups and downs ... but what is life without them?

The Numbers
8 books, 4 conferences, 7everal presentations and visits, 2 dogs said goodbye, 3 awards
and MANY new friends!

Some of the books that I worked on .... 

Other images I created ....

Worked on some great projects ...

I did some presentations ...

I made new friends and met up with old ones ...


 Was inspired ...

Got to go to some great places too.
And am still thankful I live in beautiful, affordable and safe Maine.

I had to say goodbye to two faithful friends.

And that was an exciting, exhausting, emotionally charged year.
2012 will be here in a little while. Outside the rain is icing. 'im indoors is snoring downstairs on the sofa. The woodstove could do with lighting. Where will we be by the end of twelve month? I'll let you know.

Thanks for visiting me here, 'along the right lines'. I appreciate everyone who has encouraged me, inspired me and kept my dream alive. Oh and paid me for illustrating. All the best and good things to you all at midnight.

(aka The Wacky Brit)