Using the Facebook Time Line in an innovative way ...

If there is one thing a Facebooker likes to do it's have a good grump about the changes Facebook make - seemingly for no good reason. And sometimes, I agree: it's very aggravating.

In the long run it's better to roll with it (life is short after all), and here's a chap who is doing just that - some of you know him ... Harold Underdown, children's editor, author of 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing' (one of the first books I bought about the industry and boy did I need it), plus he's the keeper of the website and blog 'The Purple Crayon'.

I think it is fair to say, (being a follower of Harold's Facebook page) that he was less than in love with the recent TIMELINE changes on Facebook. I'd even go so far as to say he had a 'bit of a GRUMP'!

And then he had the excellent idea of utilizing the new Timeline Banner as a rotating gallery of images submitted by children's illustrators.

What a great use of free social networking space!

Every week Harold is featuring a hand chosen image from an illustrator in the children's genre and giving them some air time on his page. And GUESS WHAT!! This time it's me :-))

You can see the image (below) in action on Harold's page at this link

Thanks Harold for featuring my work.

It's easy to gripe ... but it is much more productive to find solutions that benefit all of us and make use of the real power of networking that's available to us.

Contact Harold on Facebook if you would like to inquire about his Timeline feature.


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