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Time Turner Anyone?

If anyone knows where to buy a time turner, please let me know, because could have done with one this week.

In my spare time I have been working on a dummy to take to the LA SCBWI conference (yee gads, that's next week!!!). It's about a clumsy kitty ... here's a couple of spreads to wet your appetite ...

Yes, a time turner would be good. (And talking of Harry Potter, I saw Deathly Hallows 2 - not sure if I enjoyed it as much as I had hoped. Well, maybe a second viewing will help. I liked part 1 alot. Anyway, wierd now it's all over. Or IS IT??)
In between finishing the portfolio and dummies to take to LA I've been working on sketches for the next 2 books in the All Star Cheerleader series for Anastasia Suen and Kane/Miller Publishing. My deadline for sketches is next Wednesday before I fly to LA. And then straight into the finals on my return. No rest for the wicked ;-)

Anastasia has a FABBY website for the books ... check it out ...
plus a great write up on: Jill Corcoran Blogspot

On Saturday I prised myself from my desk and bimbled over to Waterville to The Children's Book Cellar to meet up for a chat with Jeannie Brett who has a lovely new book out with Islandport Press. We had time to go for a coffee and then I hung around in the bookshop for a bit (bliss) and chatted with the owner, Ellen. She gave me lots of info about the local school scene and also about Book Expo America, which I hope to go to next June in NY. So it was a fruitful and inspiring morning and reminded me to leave the studio AND GET OUT MORE. See Jeannie's book here ..

DO YOU NEED A BOOKMARK? OFCOURSE YOU DO! Let me know and I will send you one of these ... the latest bookmark from PIXELSHAVINGS. I will be giving them away at the conference too.

That's it for now ... back to cheerleaders.


On the bookshelf:
No Sleep for the Sheep! Karen Beaumont and Jackie Urbanovic
Golden Compass - Phillip Pullman
Moon of Gomrath - Alan Garner
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