7 Excellent Things

Since my last blog post a goodly amount of excellent things happened. Here's a quick list.
(There were some un-excellent things also. But who the heck wants to hear about those?)

1. My application for the Princeton Book Festival, NJ Sept 2012 was accepted. I'll be there with 'HIDDEN NEW JERSEY' and the author Linda Barth :-).

2. Charlesbridge Publishing invited me to do a presentation during their Children's Book Week Celebration ... if your in the area mark your diary - 12pm May 7. Now I have to work on my presentation!

3. I WILL be going to ALA summer conference after all! (Just like Cinderella). I get to sign the 'All Star Cheerleader' books with the author, Anastasia Suen on Kane Miller's booth and also will have a slot with Charlesbridge. Yippee! Come by and see me if you are going to be there.

4.  I finished the artwork for the next in the cheerleader series
'Fly Emma, Fly' and the 4th book in this series will be available shortly (watch this space).

5. I went to New York and visited with the talented and prolific author/illustrator Roxie Munro in her studio. It was great to meet in person and have lots of lovely illustration gossip. She has a new book out too! Check out her website.

 6. I signed a contract with Kane Miller to illustrate a lovely counting book! (The best news of the month). More details soon.

 7. The reason we went to New York (aside from a Spring Break for me and 'im indoors) was to attend the 16th 'Books for a Better Life' Awards at the New York Times Building, Times Square. (Exciting!) The book I illustrated last year 'How to Talk to an Autistic Kid' by Daniel Stefanski (pub Freespirit) was a finalist. Very exciting and a great evening. We didn't win the category, but it was something to be a finalist.  (Sophie Blackall was also in the running so I felt in awesome company!). 

What an excellent month it's been! Like I said, let's not talk about the usual less-excellent things. 
Hope yours was excellent too!

I leave you with a few pics of the awards ... 

On the big screen!

With Daniel, who is the 15 year old author and suffers with autism.

Jazzed to find the book in the NYPL!

Fun nibbles!

                                                   Me and 'im indoors doing some sightseeing :-)

Until next time - toodles!

Oh! WAIT - there is another excellent thing.
8. Most hits on my blog ever last month 
- so thank you for sticking around and reading my news :-)

On the Bedside Table:
Dear Genius - letters of Ursula Nordstrom - just wonderful! If you have any interest in children's literature at all, read this. I love letters and memoirs. The overall impression gives you such an insight into the personality of this luminary editor. Plus I am learned a lot!