And the winner is .... me!

Look, when something nice happens, celebrate! Heaven knows, there is enough of the other in this world.
So here I am, with a big cheesy grin, with my ipad2. Mine courtesy of as prizewinner of their recent competition to recreate a classic tale as an ebook. And, if you've been following this saga, you will know that I did a new take on Hans Christian Andersen's wonderful 'Ugly Duckling'.

It was a lovely surprise -  an ipad was way down my shopping list, so it's even better. It's a spiffy bit of kit, and I love it. Now, I've to work out how to use it ....

The big news (also) is that Utales launched on ipad/iphone Nov 2. You can trot along and see the ebook for yourself! Go to and register for a free trial. There are a lot of fabby books on there for kids. You'll love them too.

Maybe I will do another Hans Christian Andersen retelling .. watch this space.

Elsewhere in my world I have been bunking off. Me and 'im indoors caught a last-minute-cheapy-cruise from Boston to Bermuda a couple of weeks ago - fun. And limited internet! It was good for me. We managed to get a balcony room. Gorgeous to sit and gaze at the ocean, plus leave the door open at night and hear the sea swishing by. However, there was a force 7 gale on the way back, and it was a little windy - even for me. Here's a couple of pics from the trip ....

 Morning Cuppa

'im indoors and yours truly

 Bermuda colours

Amazing tree

I DID do some work on the ship. (Norwegian Dawn if your interested). A rough layout for a PB dummy. And a total rewrite of synopsis and character sketches for a MG I started a year ago. Yes, yes, it's been a long time since you heard about THAT, but people, I've been busy!!

On a darker note TWO people died on the cruise. Oh my. And on the same night, not related at all. Funny to think of all that human drama in one big, steel teacup on the seas.

I DID like Bermuda. And you can buy sensible things, like Lucozade, Mars Bars, Fruit Pastilles and sausage rolls. So I did. And the street signs are correct and people drive on the proper side of the road. Very civilized indeed.

So then it was Halloween:


When the tooth fairy goes bad

 Zombie leg anyone?

         How King's open wine                                                      Suess meets Batman
 So that was Halloween.

And here we are in the middle of next week. I have been doing some work, I promise. Finished a book for a private client ... more on that soon .. here is one of the spreads ...

Next on the drawing board is an online PDF ebook for an educational company. No rest for the wicked!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my crazy photos this week.


On the Bedside Table:
The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr. Seuss.
Picture Writing - Anastasia Suen

Free Fall Friday Writing Contest

Thanks to Kathy Temean for featuring my drawing of the jigging Grandmother as her inspiration for this week's writing contest over on her blog ...

hope you will go over and enter!

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