I love visiting schools and sharing my experiences as a working author and illustrator

Drawing with a an enthusiastic young artist!

Drawing with a an enthusiastic young artist!

About my presentations
I offer age appropriate, lively presentations tailored to different groups focusing on the creation of illustration and story, with emphasis on how words and pictures work together to make a book. I usually zoom in on one of my books, (for example TOBY or IMANI’S MOON), depending on the audience age level and am happy to tailor my visit to your needs.

I begin with an overview of my life as an author and illustrator.
What do I do on a daily basis? How did I become a children’s author and illustrator? Where do I work?

How do you make a book?
Where do ideas come from? How do you write a manuscript? Where do pictures come from? How does a book get made? All questions we will cover. As well as a slideshow I bring lots of physical materials including sketches, book dummies, original manuscripts and revisions as well as the finished product - the book!

Drawing Demonstration
It’s always fun for students to experience a live ‘demo’ so I make sure I leave time for that. Sometimes we do a ‘draw-a-long’ where the students can draw alongside me as I demonstrate how I create a character. Sometimes this might call for a willing model from the audience or brainstorming ideas.

Question time is always fun! Please encourage your students to ask questions … or tell me about their favorite books.

I am also happy to eat lunch with the students and chat to them informally.

Book Orders
If you would like to order books for students to coincide with my visit, you may order directly from me.
Please request an order form on booking. I offer 10% discount to schools and groups.
I can sign all books prior to visit or onsite.

Family evening? Library visit? Workshop for a small group?
Longer residency? Speaking engagement for adult group?
- - - Contact me at
hazelgmitchell@outlook.com - - -

I will be happy to discuss your needs and look forward to a fun and inspiring visit!

Visiting with Mrs. Dickens class at Union Elementary, Maine

Visiting with Mrs. Dickens class at Union Elementary, Maine


I offer 4-5 presentations per day.
(assembly and evening presentations can be arranged too).

Block booking discounts are available, please ask.
Kindergarten. (25 to 35 minutes)
Grades 1 through 12. (40 - 50 minutes)

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Please provide the following if possible: screen and projector, easel and paper for drawing, table or utility cart for laptop/projector, microphone, extension cords to reach electrical outlets and table and chair. 

For an order form to give to student’s parents please contact me prior to the visit so that I can personalize them before the date.

*MAINE ONLY DISCOUNT*                           
Full day - $800 4-5 sessions
Half day - $450 3 sessions

Public Library Visit - $175 1 hour program

Full day - $900 Half day - $500 


Full day - $1200

INTERNATIONAL - Honorarium per day - Please inquire

If schools wish to share a visit in the same area I am willing to accommodate.

Mileage is 56.5c (IRS standard rate). Schools 50 miles distance or less no charge. If the driving distance is over 2 hours, hotel accommodation/meal allowance may be required. For long distance visits flights may be required.

Comments from Educators

In 2011 I applied for an Arts Education grant. With the students, Hazel put together a plan of how they would complete the process of creating a book from brainstorming to publication. Students researched and wrote about what life was like both in the past and today here in Maine. Hazel helped students bring their knowledge to life by helping them create vibrant illustrations to complement their writing. Our fourth grade students created a class book that Hazel helped us submit to an independent publishing website, Lulu. With this real published product in their hands, the students felt accomplished as both writers and illustrators, with an enormous thanks to Hazel. With her attention to detail, she made sure students truly understood and appreciated both the written and artistic processes.

In addition to this learning journey, Hazel has visited my classroom as a visiting artist. Her experience as a children's book illustrator go beyond the pages of her books. She is an incredibly talented artist and works very well with students. I recommend her to any school who is looking for a visit from a talented individual!

Sarah Glazier,Fourth Grade Teacher, Corinna Elementary School, Maine.


We invited author/illustrator Hazel Mitchell to our school as part of our Title 1 parent outreach efforts. She spent the day giving presentations on author/illustrator craft to our grades 1-3 students. That same evening, she did a presentation for students and families on the importance of reading aloud to children. Both presentations were very well done and enjoyed! Her student presentation was interactive, with students doing a draw-along of the title character from her current book, Toby. Students were very engaged and were still talking about the experience days later. The evening parent presentation was also interactive, with people chosen from the audience to participate in acting out the story of Toby. We had specifically requested that Mrs. Mitchell focus her evening presentation on the importance of reading aloud, and she did not disappoint. She used humor and authentic examples to drive home the point that reading aloud to children helps them become better readers later in life. The results of an exit survey for this event were overwhelmingly positive, specifically citing the interactive nature of the presentation. If you are considering inviting an author to visit your school, I highly recommend Hazel Mitchell.

Concetta Clark, Title 1 Interventionist / Lead Teacher, Bloomfield Elementary, Skowhegan, Maine


Hazel Mitchell presented a story and workshop session for us. The afternoon was a huge success thanks to Hazel’s enthusiasm and ability to engage in such a warm, genuine way with the children. The age range was wide, from 3 year olds to 9 year olds, and the majority of the children were not English speakers. Nevertheless, Hazel caught their attention immediately and drew them into the activity, ensuring that they all understood at their own level. Using the story as the starting point, she talked about the illustrations and how she draws, and discussed with the children how characters and pictures can be created – Hazel had a big white board and the children each had large pieces of paper and coloured pens. They all spent a fantastic afternoon exploring different techniques, creating their own illustrations from the pictures in the book. The whole session was interactive with the children contributing their ideas and trying out Hazel’s suggestions. Hazel also did a drawing for each child to take home – again drawing on their ideas and creating a fun picture for each of them. All of the children participated for the full two hour session – which is a real reflection of the extent to which they were engaged and enjoying themselves. They went home delighted with the pictures that they themselves had created, and also as proud owners of a signed illustration by a ‘real illustrator’. I’m sure that it is an experience they will not forget, and we have since had several of the children back in the shop with pictures that they have done on their own at home.

For us the activity was a real pleasure. Hazel is a true professional – she works easily and confidently with children and engages with them at their level, building up a rapport with them that ensures a natural interaction during the workshop. Our very mixed audience responded immediately to her enthusiasm and the session was exciting, fun and full of laughter. The children also learnt a great deal about illustrations, and the older children in particular will have gone away with much food for thought. We would be delighted to have Hazel back at any point – this visit will certainly be remembered as a very successful Treasure Trove afternoon.

Jane Still, Manager Treasure Trove, Brussels, Belgium


We had the pleasure of having Hazel Mitchell come to SCBWI Belgium conference in April 2013 where she did workshops both for kids and for adults. Hazel is not only a talented artist, but also one of those rare people who immediately makes everyone feel comfortable. She delighted the children and captivated the adults with her spontaneity and charm.

We would gladly have her again and highly recommend her for all ages groups.

Dina Von Lowencraft, SCBWI RA, Belgium


Hazel is gifted with the wonderful combination of being both an enthusiastic and organized presenter. I walked away with new insights about how to do my own work and was totally inspired by her career and talent. Her passion for children's book stories is contagious.

Kirsten Carlson, SCBWI Regional Advisor and International Illustrator Coordinator