Finals and Contract

It's been a long week at the computer. Monday I finished the finals for the book for Free Spirit Publishing. They are looking good and more news when the publicity is out. My eyes were crossing during the final check through for dust specks and left behind pencil lines. Thank goodness for photoshop! I remember the days of marking them out on negatives. What fun that was with little red dabbers and red cellophane tape.

Thursday I got the contract to illustrate a book with Charlesbridge that has been in the works for the last several weeks. So this, my friends, is pretty exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first book contract with royalties. Up until now my stuff has been on a work to hire basis (which to those who do not know means I get paid once and no residuals.) My fingers are crossed that this is the thin end of the wedge. And you know, I am behind that wedge with a big ol' HAMMER.

I wait still for the answer from the LOVELY AGENT on whether they are interested in working with me or not. Patience.

In between lots to do, including drawings for 'Wee Three', a book of poems for children by Marta Moran-Bishop. Here are a couple of them - they are going to be black and white and I used a dipping pen, because I like the linear accidents it gives you ...

and working on some pencils for a children's book by Margy Robertson-Reid all the way up there in Saskatchewan called Crazy Days. 

The in-house critic has been busy this week too ... here's a shot of him relaxing in the sunshine.

Winter is still holding off in Maine. Felt like September yesterday, (from what I could tell in the studio with the blinds pulled down).

I finished Quentin Blake's book 'Words and Pictures' this week. What a good read. I felt connected to him in several ways .. first because his first ventures into illustrating began when he was serving in the British Army (and I am, if you have been following along, Ex Royal Navy, and worked in Naval graphics studios), plus he didn't attend art college long term (me neither). It is comforting to know that a top illustrator can also spend hours surrounded by a mountain of discarded paper while he tries to get the exact position of two dots for eyes in the right place. I hope I eventually can get the dots right half as often as the brilliant Mr Blake.

Right, Sunday or not, I am going to paint the cover for 'Wee Three' and then work on the pastel of a panel for HORSE ... see last week's post for details.

Have a splendiforus Sunday where ever you are. I quite fancy some Yorkshire Puds for dinner :-) what about you?

aka The Wacky Brit.

I am still reading everything that was on the bedside table last week.

Little Sprout is recovering well from her surgery ... here is a pic of her in her onesey.

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