Chapter Book Illustrations are GO!!

Yes sir, this week I signed a new contract with Kane and Miller in CA. Very happy ... can't tell y'all what the book is about yet as it is under big wraps ... and there is a possibility it will be a series. So double Yippee!!

I will be a busy illustrator in the next few months with this and 'Hidden New Jersey' for Charlesbridge.

I love to be busy... the busier I am the more I want to do! It's when it is quiet and slow that I start procrastinating, and cleaning underneath the control switches on the gas stove. There is nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices a flowing.

Also working on some sketches for a book about a rather cheeky Grandmother for Judy Bradley in Savannah, GA ... here is my first thoughts on her ...this will be a fun project!

Last week I met up with my crit group 'Revisionists'. We haven't met for a couple of months with Christmas etc, so it was good to catch up and see what everyone was working on and compare notes.

Here in Maine we are about to have a heatwave. 40F this week they say .. WOWSER! T-shirt weather.

Me and 'im indoors celebrated our 10th year of wedded bliss, so we had a joint celebration last night with Valentine's Day, and ate FAR TOO MUCH at the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse in Bangor. Which has talking Moose heads. And good steak. From cows, not moose.

Well that's the news from The Wacky Brit, I must away back to work ... the intray is looking somewhat fearsome.

Happy Heart Day to you all!

aka The Wacky Brit

Nothing new, alas, this week on the bedside table.