Today Miss Marples' Musings

I met Joanna Marple back at LA SCBWI Conference in 2011. As a fellow Brit we connected pretty much right away. It's the tea .. a bonding thing.

Joanna is an interesting individual .. she lives and works in Nice, France and rides a big, beefy motorbike and whenever I catch up with her she is usually in an airport or another country.

This week I am lucky enough to be featured on Miss Marple's fabby blog ....

We get pretty deep into it here, so there are some secrets  and DEEP THOUGHT. (OK, fairly deep ....)

She also describes me as 'Highly Relational'. I like this, although not really certain of the meaning, but will store away and utilize at some point, somehow. (Perhaps in discussion with 'im indoors: 'Look, I am Highly Relational, you should know that by now.' GRIN.

In other news from The Wacky Brit I got to visit with the grand folks at Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine and subjected them to a meandering Power Point presentation of my life (so far). They were very kind and even laughed at some bits. I hope they were the funny bits. Afterwards I got to have lunch with the lovely and talented Jeannie Brett who unexpectedly turned up to see what I was on about.

Here are some pics from the day ...

 OK ... got thumbnails to work on ... and some exciting news to announce soon! Watch this space.