Could be gone in a moment, couldn't it?

In somewhat philosophical mood this weekend. Life has a way of reminding us what is, and is not, important.

On Thursday I was cock-a-hoop, COCK-A-FLIPPING-HOOP I tell you, to receive a reply to a query letter I sent out a month or so ago from a NY agent requesting to see more of the PB problem solving manuscript I am working on. Needless to say I fandango'd around the studio, dogs scattered to sofas/cupboards/bushes until the dust had settled. All day Friday I worked on the rough, making some alts that had been in my head a while until, finally, with bulging eyes and buzzing brain, I pressed 'send'. And now I wait trepidatiously (spelling?) for the Lovely Agent to reply. I do not like waiting :-(

And then, just as I had finished, through the village came roaring a posse of fire trucks, blaring and a huffing and puffing. I cursed them for disturbing the peace and then wondered if it was a yahoo who had been showing off to his friends or a cat stuck in a tree.

I didn't have long to wonder. My flippant attitude well and truly banished by the news from a good friend that the fire had infact been her husband's workshop and sculpture studio burning to the ground. Years of work and tools and memories gone in a moment. Thank goodness, we said, that the wind was moderately stilled after a gusty morning or the house would have gone too. And thank goodness no one was hurt. But all gone, so fast.

It put in to perspective my lust to get my work out there NOW. I still have the ways and means to create at my disposal, there is always tomorrow, universe willing. I am reminded to not take things for granted and so to appreciate it more. Life needs to slap us round the head occasionally. I just wish it wasn't always when a tragedy strikes.

In their kitchen now is a little box emitting a VERY insistent squawking. A little frazzled chick rescued from the fire, demanding ground turkey and drops of water. I hope Phoenix makes it. Life is more important than stuff, however much the stuff may mean.

What else?

I have been working on greeting card designs for a client in Washington State, here's a mermaid in watercolour ...

and I began to layout the 4th book in the problem solving series (Share the Bear) ... here's an illustration of her (pencil and photoshop). So far I am liking the characters ... what do you think?

Oh yes, and it is some sort of holiday in the USA today. Independence something? Wasn't this the day the Brit's washed the hands of the whole affair and said your on your own now?

Me, I'm painting window frames.

Tatty bye until next time ... count your blessings y'all.

aka The Wacky Brit.

PS reading this week:

"Miss Brooks Loves Books and I Don't" Barbara Bottner and Michael Emberley

"The Very Fairy Princess" Julie Andrews, Emma Walton Hamilton, Christine Davenier

PPS ... Farewell to a wonderful writer Beryl Bainbridge one of England's best.