Give away Friday!

Today I am giving away original artwork of the cartoon I posted on FB this morning. I'm calling it 'The Cliff of Submission' ... if you would like to own this, drawn in pen and ink, then all you have to do is join my blog and then leave me a comment with your email address on this post. I will draw the winner on Monday. So you haven't got long to enter. I am happy for you to share this blogpost also:-)

Here is the cartoon:
So, I am trying to get back on the Friday post gig. Since I got back from swanning off on vacation I have pretty much had my nose to the grindstone getting on with projects. Gearing up to starting the illustrations for the BOOK. (See previous blogposts. Can't keep boring you with the same details.)

Been working on some more greeting cards for Kelly Morse in Seattle ... here's one of them ... totally in photoshop in case you are interested. (No? Well go have a cup o' tea instead.)

Yesterday was our Re-Vision crit group meet up ... we mosyed over to B&N in Augusta first to see Cynthia Lord, Lynn Plourde and Deva Fagan at a book signing and chatted with them afterwards. It's just a boost to speak to those 'walking the walk', and hear their stories and thoughts. Afterwards we hotfooted it to a nice coffee shop (the diet has really gone to pot!) and swapped news and crits. There is a nice feeling of comradeship building in our group.

(Note to self: Stop using Mapquest. Hopelessly lost in Augusta .... sigh ... perhaps the time is coming for GPS? Or just street map?. Do they even make street maps anymore??)

Here's a couple of pics from Los Angeles, at the Getty Museum ... (DID I MENTION I WENT TO HOLLYWOOD?!? some of you are tired of hearing about it, can't imagine why!) It was truly beautiful at the museum though. if you take me out of the photo that is ... groan.

Well that's it folks ... remember you need to join my blog and leave me a comment to win the cartoon artwork.

Here's looking at you kidz!
aka The Wacky Brit.

PS. Book on the bedside table this week is Cynthia Lord's 'Hot Rod Hamster' (cos I bought it last night and she signed it for me :-)))))))))) Thanks Cynthia ... and I AM dreaming Big!

Note to Self: Go to library - read more books.