We are sailing ...

Do you remember the old Rod Stewart song? Here's a link if you don't! Which is a segway to the fact that I have been bunking off the last two weekends and been all out at sea on the Maine Schooner Isaac H Evans. And now work is piled up, but heck, it was great to be skipping the waves of the beautiful Maine ocean, on an historic ship with a bunch of fun people and far too much sun, lobster and a few bevvies (drinks to you). I gained a very sun-burned nose, swam in the sea (just me and a hardy 8 yr old, all the rest were chicken). The wind gave us some good speed and we had a lobster bake on a deserted island beach. It doesn't get any better. Sunday night I slept on deck, under the stars, a three quarter moon dazzling, stars spinning above me as the boat gently rocked making the sky appear to move. Not much for me to complain about this week!

So here are some photos and sketches from the trip/s.

Looks like the drawing cruise I am leading on the schooner in September is filling up too! So if you want to come, nows the time to reserve that cabin.

This week I have been working on the illustrations for Little Rabbit and the Four Leaf Clover ... may have them done for the weekend ... it's a cute story.

What else? Oh yes, a fun time at Pittsfield Library giving an illustrator's talk as part of their summer programme. Lot's of fun and bright kids - always ... and gratified when a teenager came up afterwards to tell me that he nearly stayed home, but that he had a lot of fun and was glad he came along. Hurrah!

6 weeks till LA conference and still not started on the new portfolio images. ARRRGGGGHHHHH.
In laws visiting end of July ... to do list gone crazy ..... DOUBLE ARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Still haven't roughed out last in the problem solving series of picture books I am working on. (SIGH.)

Well, I will  be 'PLEASURE BOUND AGAIN LIZZIE' to quote Mr. Bennett, so I only have myself to blame.

English VAT going up to 20%!! YIKES. Makes me glad to be in America, much though I miss England sometimes.

TTFN till next time.

aka The Wacky Brit.

PS ... books on the bed side table this week:

Instructions - Neil Gaiman & Charles Ness

The Sandwich Swap - Queen Rania (and Kelly DiPucchio illustrations Tricia Tusa.)

Ladybug Girl at the Beach - David Soman and Jacky Davis

Lilly's Big Day - Kevin Henkes