Publication Day!

Yes, it's here .. Hidden New Jersey is out there in shelf world ... 

If you haven't heard me talking about the book by now, where have you been? Just this time last year I was starting the illustration process and here it is, all shiny and new and ripe for the plucking.

Folks in New Jersey seem very happy with it so far. Have to say, when you know you are drawing places that are well known, you hope people will go 'yes! I remember that!' I really hope that HNJ will encourage people to discover the state ... there really IS so much more to New Jersey.

I've been a bit frantic in the run up - I made the book trailer - set up a blog tour - submitted to here, there, everywhere and today replying to all the nice congrats I received. It really IS like having a baby arrive :-)

In March I hope to have a small launch at the Children's Book Cellar in Waterville, ME, so if you local, stay tuned for details.

I hope if you get hold of a copy of the book you'll let me know what you (or your kids) think ...