Big Old Giveaway for 'One Word Pearl'

I had over 100 entries for my giveaway for 'One Word Pearl' and the winner is Bobbi Miller! Congrats to you!

is here 
and I'm celebrating with a MEGA giveaway!

Pearl loves words. All kinds of words. Words make up songs, stories, poems . . . and what does a lover of words do? She collects them, of course!

But one day, most of Pearl’s words are blown away, leaving her only a few which she keeps safely in her treasure chest. After that day, she uses each word carefully—one at a time, until she has no words left. When her teacher asks her questions at school, she doesn’t answer. When her friend wants to know what she has for lunch, she can’t respond. What will Pearl do without her precious words? Will she ever find them?

One Word Pearl explores the power of words to transform, inspire, and cultivate imagination. This whimsical story is the winner of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) Children’s Book Competition in the Picture Book category. 

Here's what you could win:

Signed and personalised copy of 'One Word Pearl'
Original signed sketch from the book.
One Word pearl poster AND I will change the words to whatever you would like!
Signed postcard.

To enter: Share this blog post with your friends on any social media network, and send or message me with the link (email

I will make the draw on Friday August 16th at 8pm.

Good luck!



Max Winners and NESCBWI Conference ...

First ... and the winners are - Jessi, Candace and Michelle Henniger ... please send me your mailing address to my email

and I will get the Max Pack to you!

Thanks to all who entered, I'll be giving away a few more packs in another post, SO CHECK BACK SOON!

Great news for Max and 'Why Am I Here?' this week - the book is shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Independent Book Award 2011.

 Winners will be announced on May 26th I am told. So that's exciting! Nothing like an award ....

Last weekend I tootled off to the New England SCBWI conference in Fitchburg MA. I travelled down with Russ Cox (

) fellow illustrator in the next town to me and I think we talked non-stop for the 4 hour journey there and back .... and then I probably didn't stop talking all weekend. No surprise there.

Great conference ... I did Fri and Sat only (trying to save a few $$ - I have attended a lot of conferences this year.) It was the 25th Silver Anniversary bash so all the top SCBWI folks attended and we had a blast. As usual great info and inspirational talks. To say nothing of the after schmooze in the bar. Got some time chatting to Tomie de Paolo and isn't he just the nicest man? One thing meeting some of the big names in the industry brings home is: on the inside you are all struggling with the same issues, insecurities and aspirations. Just at different levels :-)

There was also a VERY exclusive 'High Tea Party' (tea for two) with myself and Mr Harold Underdown partaking. At a previous meetup in NV we discovered a shared gluttony for clotted cream ... so Mr. U brought the (dark chocolate) scones and I the cream and jam and we had ourselves a little feast, much to the amusement of onlookers. Not sure if dark chocolate scones is totally traditional, but YUMEEEE. We DID portion up what was left and hand out to the the registration volunteers. I just want to say now, there was no IPA involved.

My poster entry (Charlotte's Web) did not garner any prizes, but that's ok. It got lots of admirers and went over well. The high standard was good to see this year. The winner (Melinda Beaver's Aesops Fable) was truely beautiful).

Good breakout sessions - particularly Robert Squier and Andy J Smith (who I insist on calling Andy Lewis - well I am easily confused!) and their crit group - this is the kind of stuff we want at conferences.

Also great to reconnect with Jim Hill, Jaramy Connors, Katia Wish, Betsy Devany Mcleoud, Kirsten Cappy and Mona Pease and everyone else YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I didn't take any photos and many others have had to be destroyed due to their incriminating nature. Oh dear.

MEANWHILE on the drawing board (and /or wacom) I am still working on 'Hidden New Jersey' ... nearly half way through the finals ... huzzah. I think there is a point in every book where you think, will I ever get through this? I am about there now. So it is taking up most of the work day ... here's a sample spread ...

Hoping to reveal the chapter book series I am working on next week with Kane and Miller as soon as their catalogue is out .. so stay tuned.

The school project I have been working on with 4th graders in Maine is almost completed. We have a dummy book! Here's a picture of the kids and a couple of sample pages ... the whole book will be available to purchase on Well done Corinna 4th Grade! There I am in the centre looking exceptionally jolly.

That's it for this week.

Happy Spring Planting from Maine



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