And the winner is ...

The winner of the original artwork draw is ... Kim Ardelian! If you see this post before I message you, please send me your address for mailing, in an email. Congratulations and I will be doing more giveaways in the future.

We are deep in winter in Maine. The snow is sparkling and we hit the minus' this week, the only way is UP. I have a little pot of spring bulbs on my mantel and the green spikes sticking through give a hopeful promise of spring. It's a nice thought. But at the moment it's about keeping warm and the pipes unfrozen, the horses fed and gathering with friends in cozy kitchens for laughter and games.

I finished my showcase piece for SCBWI Winter Conference (Yeah!) Here it is ... it's the most complicated piece I have worked on in a long time and I had a good time. I hope it shows. Let me know what you think:

Wish me luck! I'll be leaving on the 27th Jan ... and if you are going to be in NY too let's have a drink!

Just about ready to start on the Charlesbridge book ...yeah! I got a peek at the M/S.So I have a little breathing space. I've been thinking alot about my MG adventure novel. Perhaps I will get my writing head on and press on with it this week. It's been a long time since I visited it.

Also thank you to everyone utilizing the 'KID'S CORNER PAGE' on my blog; it's success has been amazing, the pages are getting lots of hits!

For now - back to the drawing board ...

The Wacky Brit

On the bedside table this week:
HOOKED - Les Edgerton (I am so enjoying this! A great book about Novel beginnings.)
MIRROR - Jeannie Baker