Squirrels. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Funny how squirrels can raise such feelings in folks. For my part they don't do so much harm. And yet they can raise the heckles of the calmest people when they raid your bird feeders, or live in the loft. Well, ok, living in the loft can be troublesome. They've been helping themselves to the suet this week. I can't help but love watching them, so quick and lithe and humorous.

But what was more troublesome was the big brown rat sitting on top of the bird station eyeballing me through the kitchen window yesterday. Hmm. Am rethinking this whole feeding birds thing.

So, Thanksgiving has come and gone. To all my American friends I hope you stuffed your self silly, and are thankful it's over. To my Brit friends, I hope you had a nice Thursday.

We spent it with friends in the next town who very kindly did most of the cooking and washing up, so I was thankful for that!

On a less trite note, Thanksgiving not being something that is ingrained in my genetic make up, I am still getting used to this holiday after 12 years. It is nice it is not commercial. Reminds me of Boxing Day in many ways. I like Boxing Day. When you eat everything that's left. Of course, Black Friday marks the buying frenzy in the run up to Christmas. I am thankful for online shopping.

Other Things I am Thankful for:
I am not living in a camper anymore (whilst we were building the house.)
I am not horribly ill.
I have some good friends.
I have some lovely people who are supporting me in my quest to become a childrens' author and illustrator.
I live in a peaceful and beautiful part of the world.
I have enough to eat and the means to support myself.
I am not skinny.

There, I feel humble. (Now, what do you think soft or hard centre?)

What did y'all get up to for thanksgiving?

Snow fell the other night. Beautiful sunrise in the morning ...

I continue to work on the layout about the Girl and her Horse. This is revision number three. Next week I am sending it to Cheryl Klein for my free critique. Gulp.

Here's one of the sketches:

Back to sending out samples also ... this time a little booklet of 5 pieces. Thought it made a change. I am sure all you Art Directors are tired of postcards?

OK, back to the drawing board ...

aka the Wacky Brit.

On the bedside table:
No changes since last week.