Cape Elizabeth AuthorFest

It takes a lot of planning to hold a book festival as good as the one I attended this weekend at Cape Elizabeth, South Portland, Maine. The attention to detail made it a great experience for those promoting their books and for readers eager to meet creators and buy books. In the preceding week authors and illustrators visited schools, libraries and other venues, giving presentations and raising awareness for the event. At the Authorfest itself thoughtful table layout, bright table coverings, bobbing balloons and hand drawn name signs gave the hall a lively air. Sixty or so authors and illustrators kept busy all day talking to the public, with plenty of presentations going on to keep the crowds entertained.

Volunteers kept us hydrated with bottles of water and staved off the legendary hunger that comes from selling  books with little snacks in baskets plied by happy kids. After the crowds drifted away the booksellers tackled the mounds of boxes and packages, and we were treated to a wonderful lobster bake! Doesn't get better than that ... ah-yuh.

Thank you for a lovely day, Cape Elizabeth! See you next year!


Bunking off the studio ...

Last week I was really going to hit a new routine, go over those half finished dummies. Start a new outline, revise an old one. I was REALLY on track!

Then someone said, let's go sailing ...


 So this week .....


Pirate Penny off to Sea

The Flat Stanley character I recently created for the Maine Windjammer 'Isaac H Evans' is off on her first adventure ... getting the ship ready for the sailing season. You can see what she is up to in the latest sailing newsletter from IHE ...

Also there's a chance to win a sailing cruise! Sign up for the newsletter and maybe you will be joining Pirate Penny at a lobster bake on a Maine Island.