Apple pie and wood fires.

Last week I was moaning about the heat. This week I lit the first wood fire of the year in my studio. Soon we will be shovelling snow. Unless we have a burst of Indian summer, which is highly likely. Ah, Maine you fickle state.

I think my memory is getting worse, or there is some weird warping thing going on with time. I find I have to go back and read last week's post as I can't for the life of me remembered what the heck happened, and don't want to repeat myself (lest I bore you and you stop dropping by blogdom.) The holiday weekend seems to cause swirls in the continuum.

Counter tops were installed (hurrah!). I'm tiling today. Only been 6 years since we started building the house and finally the kitchen may be finished. Which is nice. I like tiling. Very satisfying lining things up.

On the arty farty front I have been footling around with stuff. I finished a watercolour portrait for a client in Boston, which I enjoyed doing. Made a change to do something completely by hand.

 A drew a doodle of Sushi, my dog:
I got very excited about embedding Flickr in my website (see previous post). And found you can embed in blogs and who KNOWS where else, so that's impressive. I will be at it everywhere. So here's a preview below:

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I got to Friday and found I had a bit of time to think about the math problem solving books and getting those ready to send out (groan ... I am tired of hearing myself repeat the same old same old!) ... I had, which of course you will remember, been doing flat, retro illustrations. And then I thought, maybe I should shade one? So here is one of the Bear and her friend. What do you think?

Oh yes. Apple Pie. A lovely lady in our local town runs a charity Welcome Table every Friday, and this week myself and another illustrator, his wife and a friend (is it a movie title??? Watch out Peter Greenway) cooked up a storm and fed the ravening (that word never looks right, I have an image of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'!) hoards. We had delicious ziti, salad, and a million apple pies. (OK, eight). But they went down very well. I even had some left over ... you know what I am snacking on for breakfast. It was fun and I think we should enter for Top Chef. (En mass.)

BBC Radio ran Roald Dahl's new biography in serial form this week. I enjoyed listening to it. A more real picture of the man and his somewhat eccentric ways. I will definitely be reading this. Interestingly when Dahl sold his first book to Disney, he bought himself false teeth. Even though he had all his own. You have to respect that. Personally I was just thinking of buying  a mini with a Union Jack on the top. (So I only need about $20k Mr Disney).

The sun is well up now and horses want to go to their field and munch, so I will away  ..

Ta ta!
aka The Wacky Brit

On the bedside table this week:
Bats at the Ballgane - Brian Lies
The Junkyard Wonders - Patricia Polacco
How Rocket Learned to Read - Tad Hills

All author/illustrators for once!