Tick Tock Taylor!

It's very exciting to have 'Tick Tock Taylor' almost on the bookshelves!

This is the chapter book I have been illustrating for Kane and Miller Publishing, author Anastasia Suen and have been BUSTING to tell you about.

Here's the cover ...

This is the first in a series of 4 in the All Star Cheerleaders series and each one will feature a different member of the squad. I loved illustrating Anastasia's work. The inside illustrations are black and white, with tints added in photoshop. The ink work is done with dipping pen - which can lead to some big blots (so you have to start again), but gives a lively and varied line, because once it is done, it is DONE and there is no changing it. Well, except in photoshop of course. I love working in this loose, fun style and although drawing cheerleaders was a challenge at first (being English I know very little about the cheerleading world) I soon got into the swing of it.

Here are a couple of examples of the interior illustrations.

So if you have any little cheerleaders, or wannabee cheerleaders in your life, this is the series for them!

I hope to meet up with Anastasia at ALA next year to promote the books.

I will be starting on number two in the series shortly and I can't wait!

So for now it's bye bye from Tick Tock Taylor

And give me a W give me a B!
Tata from The Wacky Brit
Hazel Mitchell

Oh ... I can't resist ... this is the teeny TINY squad ....