Book Festivals are fun!

Book Festivals - I love them! Not only do you get to meet great kids who are excited about reading, parents who are excited about kids reading, you also get to visit with lots of great authors and illustrators.

Yesterday I was part of Cape Elizabeth, ME, Book festival - their first and they did a great job! Over 30 exhibitors and a wonderful flow of people all day. Makes the heart sing!

Here are a few pics of the day ...

A young fan in disguise with All Star Cheerleaders.

The Big Apple tells all.

 Scott Nash and Stephen Costanza, duelling illustrators.

 At the ready ...


Tick Tock Taylor!

It's very exciting to have 'Tick Tock Taylor' almost on the bookshelves!

This is the chapter book I have been illustrating for Kane and Miller Publishing, author Anastasia Suen and have been BUSTING to tell you about.

Here's the cover ...

This is the first in a series of 4 in the All Star Cheerleaders series and each one will feature a different member of the squad. I loved illustrating Anastasia's work. The inside illustrations are black and white, with tints added in photoshop. The ink work is done with dipping pen - which can lead to some big blots (so you have to start again), but gives a lively and varied line, because once it is done, it is DONE and there is no changing it. Well, except in photoshop of course. I love working in this loose, fun style and although drawing cheerleaders was a challenge at first (being English I know very little about the cheerleading world) I soon got into the swing of it.

Here are a couple of examples of the interior illustrations.

So if you have any little cheerleaders, or wannabee cheerleaders in your life, this is the series for them!

I hope to meet up with Anastasia at ALA next year to promote the books.

I will be starting on number two in the series shortly and I can't wait!

So for now it's bye bye from Tick Tock Taylor

And give me a W give me a B!
Tata from The Wacky Brit
Hazel Mitchell

Oh ... I can't resist ... this is the teeny TINY squad ....