Nevada Mentor Program

I am thrilled to have been asked to be a mentor on the celebrated Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program this year. I was part of the program as a mentee back in 2010/2011. It's pretty special to be asked back and to work with 2-3 mentees myself. The program was probably the one thing I did that really set my career on it's way. The friends and contacts I made are still strong and very much part of my life. Ellen Hopkins and Suzanne Morgan Williams did a marvellous job starting this program and it's as great as ever! Check out the line up of mentors for yourself. Maybe I will see you there? Applications are open ... spaces are limited. What are you waiting for?

Tomie de Paolo Award 2013

Over on my sister GLOG Pixel Shavings,  am sharing my process for my entry to this year's Tomie de Paolo SCBWI award ... you can read all about it here :

See more of the entries on the unofficial blog


Goodbye Fall - Hello Winter

That's it! October is done in a snap of the fingers. Fall colour came and went in a week or so. Now, as I look out the window, the mist settles on naked branches and the nights are wrapping themselves around us. Sleep (the studio cat) is putting on his winter weight. Soon there will be snow.

While everything else is going into cold-storage, my work is hotting up! First on the drawing board is a new manuscript I'm illustrating for Charlesbridge's imprint, Mackinac Island Press. And darn it, I can't divulge much about it YET. I tell you, the not telling the hardest thing. I'm excited to be working on this book - and it's going to be a little different from anything I have done yet, watch out for it Spring 2013.

I also found out that my two proposals for workshops at New England SCBWI 2013conference have been accepted, maybe I will see you in Springfield, Massachusetts next year! FUN! (I can't tell you what those are about yet either).

More good news - from my publisher Kane Miller. The book I illustrated in Spring this year will go straight to trade and also be an e-book. Yippee! And I can't tell you about that yet either!! But it will be on their Spring list soon.

I should have called this blog post, 'Stuff I cannot tell you YET'.

I did leave the attic a few times - for an author/illustrator day at a school in Mid Maine and then last week I shadowed the fabby author Lynn Plourde at my local elementary where she was doing workshops with the kids for two days. Lynn REALLY puts her all into those visits and I can see why she is invited back time and after time ... she is something to aspire to!

Mid month we had a family break to Florida to visit hubby's family. It was lovely to see the sun and swim in the ocean. Still very warm down there.
And not forgetting the Edward Gorey exhibition at the Portland Library, Maine. OMG!! It was wonderful and sparked a need in me to start delving more into Gorey's work. It's hard to admit that I didn't know Gorey's huge body of work till I came to America. I knew his illustrations from old Possum and Hilaire Belloc and Edward Lear's books, but not his prolific talent. What a sad education I had back then! Anyway I am making up for it now. I viewed the exhibition with Maine illustrator/author Jeannie Brett and we had an excellent lunch after. Worth the 4 hour round trip! I leave you with some pics from the exhibition. If you were effected by the Hurricane I hope life returns to normal for you soon. Thanks for visiting with me!

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