To breath, or not to breath ....

Not literally you understand. I have come to a pause in between finishing books and starting the next. So what I really mean is a breathing space. So decisions, decisions? Shall I plunge straight into the next dummy I want to work on? Or not? If I was an actor I would, I suppose, call it resting. Thing is, I am not very good at resting.

Case in point (or is it point in case?) today, after completing the cover for lovely author in Canada (see pics from the book below) I figured I could sit down and read a book and put my feet up. OR. I could take advantage of this peculiar weather (54F and snow melted) and clear up the garden, which I never did get around to previous. So of course I cleaned up the garden. Then made some bread and a fish pie. Never did read the book.

Anyway, enough prattle, here are a couple of the illustrations from 'A Crazy Day' by Margy Robertson Reid ... I do like the dog in the cart :-)

The search for a lovely agent continues ... I will come to rest somewhere or other I expect, eventually. So back to submitting ...

I DID manage to leave the house this weekend. Me and 'im indoors attended the local Christmas Concert and it was v. nice. I always like a good carol concert. (Mainly because I can have a sing, which no doubt I enjoy too much and my neighbours do not). And the best thing was - home made cakes afterwards. Huzzah! (Note to self: get on the so-called exercise bike.)

I took my sketchbook too ....

Always fun to draw people when they aren't looking ;-) so watch out.

Oh and if you happen to be in Bangor, Maine (or are passing through ... yeah, right!) I have a display of illustrations in the Children's Discovery Museum, downtown. So that's fun! They will be there until January.

Tomorrow I am going to be stuck into working on a piece for the Tomi de Paolo award, for the SCBWI winter conference in NY. The 1st prize is all expenses paid trip there ... lummy, that would be nice! It is based on Heidi. Trouble is I have to have it finished for midnight on Wednesday. Gulp. So I had better get cracking. I had every good intention of getting this done in November, but life got in the way. I know, I know, always with the excuses.

I hope you are all ready for Chrimbo. I confess, I am not. It is just me and 'im indoors on Christmas Day (by choice and with all dogs/cat in attendance). I will watch the Queen, (courtesy of my VPN link), even though I will have her with brekky and not after lunch when everyone is a bit pissed up and you fall asleep before Lizzy II has had time to finish telling which of her myriad offspring are getting married/divorced/other. Still, it's the thought that counts.

With that I WILL take that deep breath ....


aka The Wacky Brit.

On the bedside table ... NOTHING NEW!!!!!!! I am slipping ... but forgive me  have been working like the proverbial dog.